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3 Reasons Why Snacks Are Your Best Bet To Getting Your Employees Back In The Office

With the rise of hybrid working models, recent research has found that many employees are unmotivated to return to the office. What if we told you that snacks could be a simple yet effective way to entice them? Here’s how:


1. It promotes a positive company culture

Snacks can serve as a simple gesture to show your employees you care – it’s important because happy employees are more likely to be engaged, and motivated employees stick around longer and become advocates for your business.

Besides, the fun in snacking is the ability to experience it with others. Your pantry can become a place of conversation if you have snacks available. This helps to create a positive company culture where employees from different departments are able to interact and bond over their love of snacks.

2. It can boost productivity

It’s been said that snacks provide our bodies with supplemental nutrition - which according to research, improves productivity by up to 20%. When offered at work, snacks decrease the time employees take to leave the office in search of a quick afternoon bite.

Instead, they’ll be able to pop by the pantry and enjoy the variety of snacks you’ve stocked for them. As a result, they spend more time at their desks, which results in more time spent on work.

3. It saves employees money

Snack subscriptions are delivered on a monthly basis with an assortment of snacks, allowing employees to enjoy freely without having to purchase their own. Your employees will appreciate the convenience and the ability to save time and money, and the variety of options to select from.

Our Office Snack Boxes can be tailored to your team’s preferences, simply inform us of the snacks that are not popular amongst the team and we’ll ensure they will never be included in subsequent boxes. That way, your employees will always look forward to the next rotation, knowing they can expect delicious, healthy snacks to enjoy.


Get started and improve employee wellbeing with MUNCHEES!

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