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5 Ways Healthy Snacking Boosts Productivity

What you eat while working can be a significant determinant of your ability to focus and achieve your goals. When we talk about creating a healthy work environment that is conducive to productivity, snacking isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. So how does healthy snacking boost productivity?

1. Boosts Energy

A healthy snack filled with protein and fiber can give you a lengthy energy boost, providing sustainable energy throughout the day. The mid-day slump is a common feeling most people experience which is why reaching for a nutritious snack may be your best bet in getting a quick energy boost to help you stay focused and keep your body fueled. Especially when working for long hours, snacking goes a long way in helping you stay productive.

2. Improves Focus

According to aĀ World Health OrganizationĀ study, consuming a low-glycemic snack can increase productivity by up to twenty percent during the day. Having healthy low-GI snacks can help you maintain concentration, boost mood, and enhance productivity, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.


3. Increases Performance

Researchers suggest that those who want strong brain function and improved cognitive performance should fuel themselves with healthy and nutritious snacks. Food fuels performance and provides nourishment for the brain in the form of glucose which allows the brain to stay alert and focused. Keeping your energy level and productivity high is also one way of ensuring your well-being.

4. Creates Better Work Culture

Give your employees something to look forward to when they step into the office. Eating is a great social event and providing snacks is an amazing way for employees to break the ice, connect and communicate. Creating an environment for employees to eat together helps create social bonding and cultivates cultural and familial connections.

5. Boosts Brain Power

Choosing focus-boosting foods like avocados, blueberries and dark chocolate can help you to remain alert and engaged with the task at hand. Snacking keeps your energy levels high at a time when you might be thinking about an afternoon nap. In addition to giving you added energy, healthy snacks are also a great way to give your brain the nutrients it needs which ultimately aids in productivity.


So, instead of grabbing a sugary treat the next time youā€™re feeling peckish, consider these healthy snack options that will satisfy your cravingsĀ andĀ leave you feeling better - Zenkoā€™s Water Lily Pops, Hey! Chipsā€™ Fruit and Vegetable Chips, Amazin' Grazeā€™s Granola, and many more.

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