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10 Healthy Snacks Brands from Singapore

Singapore, a bustling hub of innovation and culinary delights, boasts a range of pioneering healthy snacks brands that are transforming the snacking landscape. From artisanal nut clusters to fruit-infused pastilles and nutrient-packed superfood snacks, these brands embody a commitment to quality, taste, and wellness. Each brand brings its own unique twist to the table, whether through organic ingredients, innovative flavours, or sustainable practices. Join us on a journey through Singapore's top 10 healthy snacks brands, where every bite promises not just satisfaction, but also a boost to your productivity!

1. Zenko Superfoods

Healthy snacks from Zenko Superfoods for office and gifting

ZENKO Superfoods specialises in crafting healthy snacks that harness ancient superfoods from around the world. Their mission is to transform these ingredients into delicious, gluten-free, and plant-based treats. By partnering directly with local farmers, they ensure each snack is crafted with care, delivering conscious and nutritious options. Among their notable offerings are Water Lily Pops, a wholesome twist on traditional chips known for their high dietary fiber content, low calories, and low in fat! 

2. Boxgreen

Healthy snacks from Boxgreen for office and gift in Singapore

Boxgreen was founded to meet the demand for snacks that not only boost energy but also exclude artificial flavours and coluors. They achieve this by creating distinctive blends using a diverse array of ingredients, providing sweet and savory options with a range of textures to elevate the snacking experience. As a certified B Corp, they're serious about sustainability, ensuring every crunch supports a greener planet. Snack up, feel good, and join the tasty revolution with Boxgreen – where snacking is all about Snack Good, Do Good!

3. Hey! Chips

Hey! Chips Healthy fruits and vegetables chips for Office Snacks and gifting in Singapore
Hey! Chips uses simple, plant-based ingredients with no sugar or artificial flavourings! Their snacks are as real as it gets, making them a delicious and healthy choice. They've even earned 7 UK Great Taste Awards in blind tastings judged by chefs and food critics. By sourcing their plant-based ingredients directly from farms, they ensure top quality and support farmers' livelihoods. Hey! Chips is committed to authenticity and taste, offering snacks that are a true delight for health-conscious snackers!
4. Confetti

Confetti a Singapore brand makes delicious upcycled snacks from ugly veggies to reduce food waste

Confetti creates delicious upcycled snacks from 'ugly' veggies to fight food waste. Whether you're craving Tandoori Curry or Green Curry, they've got you covered. What's even better? Every bite supports their mission to donate nutrient-dense snacks to underserved communities worldwide through partnerships with global humanitarian missions. Enjoy guilt-free snacking with Confetti – it's a delicious win-win for your taste buds and the planet!

5.  With Love, Gretel

With love, Gretel sprouted nuts that is healthy for office pantry and gifting in Singapore

With Love, Gretel is nuts about making us stronger and healthier! Their secret weapon? Sprouted nuts! Unlike normal nuts, these superfoods are 'awakened' through sprouting, unlocking a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. This process reduces phytic acid found in nuts, which can hinder digestion and block mineral absorption. By activating and removing this acid, digestion becomes a breeze, and our bodies can absorb nutrients and minerals more effectively. Get ready for snack time that's gentle on the tummy and incredibly delicious!

6. nötter 

nötter a premium nuts brand for office pantry and snack gift box in singapore

At nötter, they're firm believers that healthy snacks should never compromise on taste. In fact, they're so deliciously healthy, you'll want to snack on them every day! Each nut is passionately handcrafted in small batches and baked at low temperatures to preserve its natural crunchiness and health benefits. From the irresistible Truffle Mix to the savoury Bolivian Salt Mix, every blend is made with love! Embrace healthier snacking with nötter today!


SPRICE up your snack time with no additives, no preservatives, and zero cholesterol – because who needs bad food? Made from 100% organic whole grain rice in a groundnut and chemical-free facility, isn't that refreshingly genuine? Manufactured right here in Singapore, each SPRICE is fresh and crunchy. High in dietary fibre, zero trans fat, and just 100 calories – now that's what we call super snacking!

8. Camel

Healthy snacks from Camel Nuts for office pantry and gifting

Camel proudly stands as Singapore's premier nut manufacturing enterprise, renowned for fresh, wholesome, delicious, and healthy snacks. They meticulously curate their product range, sourcing the finest ingredients from reputable global suppliers. Camel offers a memorable selection of nuts celebrated for their unique flavours, exceptional quality, and exquisite taste. Fuel your productivity with Camel’s Natural Baked series!

9. Everything Good 

Healthy snacks from Everything Good for office and gift box

Everything Good (鼎) is a Singaporean brand dedicated to infusing real super fruits and herbs into their healthy snacks. Their Pastilles, bursting with real fruit magic, are a hit with vegetarians (no gelatin here!). Plus, they're sweetened naturally with malt, making them a diabetes-friendly. Whether you're treating yourself or spreading joy with a gift, these Pastilles are a tasty, guilt-free treat for everyone!

10. Bruneus

Bruneus Healthy Snack brand from Singapore, good for office pantry and gifting

Bruneus, a Singapore snack brand, specialises in nuts with cacao nibs clusters that redefine healthy snacking. Handcrafted in small batches with only the best organic ingredients, Bruneus snacks are activated through soaking and sprouting, making them super easy on the tummy. Dive into these nutrient-packed delights and snack with a smile, knowing your body loves them as much as your taste buds!


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