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13 Must-Try Snack Brands from Singapore

National Day is a time when Singaporeans come together to honour our country's journey and celebrate the remarkable achievements that have shaped its identity. From the dazzling parades and vibrant fireworks to the heartfelt speeches and stirring performances, National Day is an occasion that ignites the spirit of Singapore in every citizen's heart. Let us celebrate Singapore's 58th birthday by supporting our local snack brands out there!

 Last Updated: 12 April 2024 


1. IRVINS Salted Egg

irvins salted egg fish skin snacks loved by singaporeans

When it comes to iconic Singaporean snacks, one name stands out in the crowd: Irvins Salted Egg. Their delectable snacks has taken Singapore's snack scene by storm, captivating locals and visitors with its addictive taste and unique texture. The secret lies in the rich salted egg yolk seasoning that coats every Fish Skin. The blend of salted egg yolk, aromatic spices, and a touch of spiciness creates a truly addictive combination that keeps you coming back for more! (#DangerouslyAddictive indeed!)


2. The Kettle Gourmet

The Kettle Gourmet with their chili crab, nasi lemak and kaya toast butter popcorn snacks

Move over, cinema popcorn! The Kettle Gourmet's popcorn steals the snacking spotlight. This Singaporean Snack brand has carved its path to becoming a top popcorn manufacturer and distributor. Prepare for a taste adventure like no other with their freshly hand-baked popcorn, with their uniquely localised flavour like the Nasi Lemak flavour! (where else to find Nasi Lemak Popcorn?!) The Kettle Gourmet has captured hearts and taste buds with their innovative popcorn creations, making them a must-try for popcorn enthusiasts seeking a delightful twist on a classic snack treat.


3. Ooh

ooh mala potato chips snacks that singaporeans loves

Ooh is Singapore's beloved Mala snack brand! Their Mala Potato Chips and Cassava Chips are a must-try snack. These gourmet goodies are a symphony of traditional spices like dried chilli, peppercorns, ginger, fennel, and a whole lot of spices. Each delicate Mala Potato Chip is meticulously coated with hand-pounded spices, taking your taste buds on a rollercoaster of crunch and authentic numbing sensations. All the Mala fans out there, you’re in for a treat!


 4. Dan's Bites

dan's brownie crisp snacks from singapore

Each Dan’s Bites creation is a labour of love, meticulously handcrafted to achieve the perfect balance. The result? A mind-blowing symphony of classic brownie goodness blended with an inventive crispy twist. It's time to spread the joy and earn some serious "Sweet Points" by sharing the delectable Brownie Crisp with your dearest! Time to bring this Brownie Crisp with you wherever you go, especially if you're craving for a crispy snacks!


Hainanese chicken rice, egg prata with fish curry and singapore laska potato chip snacks by f.east

Craving for a taste of nostalgia? Look no further than F.EAST, they are the mastermind behind the iconic Hainanese Chicken Rice Potato Chips that took snacking to a whole new level! With their expertise in crafting ruffled potato chips, they specialises in delivering a sensational lineup of flavours that are truly one-of-a-kind. Drawing inspiration from asian cuisines, their innovative chip offerings add an exciting twist to your snack time!


6. Uncle Saba

uncle saba's poppadoms snacks from singapore

Get your taste buds ready for a snacking revolution brought to you by Uncle Saba's Poppadoms! These crispy sensations are turning snack time into a thrilling adventure. Bite into these extraordinary poppadoms, crafted with a blend of lentils, chickpeas, or rice flour, and be transported to the vibrant flavours of India. Say goodbye to ordinary snacks and make way for the extraordinary!


7. Melvados

melvados ondeh ondeh and pisang goreng brittle snacks from singapore

Snack like a pro with Melvados! Their gourmet goodies take snacking to a whole new level, infusing Singaporean flair into each bite. From Ondeh Ondeh to Pisang Goreng, their snacks are the ultimate flavour adventure. Get ready to indulge in crispy, munch-worthy treats that'll make your taste buds scream, "More, please!" Elevate your snacking game with Melvados and experience the familiar flavour that is unique to Singaporeans! 


8. Edens

edens trendy flavoured low-calorie shiitake snacks from singapore

EDENS offers a range of trendy flavoured low-calorie shiitake snacks. Their 75g chip packets contain approximately 110 calories, making them a guilt-free snack. What sets them apart is their adoption of a vacuum frying technique, which helps retain the essential nutrients of the shiitake mushrooms while ensuring the sustainability of the oil used in the process. Try their Szechuan Mala Shiitake Chips which comes with actual lotus root and chilli, or their Garlic Shiitake Chips with real garlic bits. Snack smart, snack unique with EDENS!


9. The Golden Duck

The Golden Duck mala fish skin that singaporeans love

This homegrown brand has reshaped the snacking landscape, redefining what it means to indulge in bold flavours. But that's just the beginning of their snack empire. From the tongue-tingling heat of Mala to the irresistible chilli crab, they've captured the essence of iconic local dishes. The Golden Duck's dedication to flavour mastery knows no bounds. They've transformed snacking into an art form, captivating taste buds with each bite!


10.  With Love, Gretel

With Love Gretel sprouted nuts from singapore

With Love, Gretel is nuts about making us stronger and healthier! Their secret weapon? Sprouted nuts! Unlike regular nuts, these superfoods are "awakened" through sprouting, unlocking a treasure full of nutrients and minerals. This process reduces the phytic acid in the nuts, which hinders digestion and mineral absorption. Their sprouted nuts make digestion a breeze and nutrient absorption a blast. Say hello to healthier and delicious snacking time!


11. Confetti

Confetti makes delicious upcycled snacks from ugly veggies to reduce food waste

Confetti makes delicious upcycled snacks from ugly veggies to reduce food waste. From Tandoori Curry to Green Curry, they've got your cravings covered. But the best part? Every bite you take helps them donate a portion of nutrient dense snacks to the poorest parts of the world by working with global humanitarian missions to end hunger and malnutrition ‚Äď it's a delicious win-win situation!

12. Mr Bean

Mr Bean Soy Granola Snacks for office pantry and corporate gifiting

We all know that Mr. Bean is a leading soya bean food chain in Singapore! They not only sell our favourite soya bean drink and ice cream but also offer soy granola that tastes as good as their signature items. They have granola bars with flavours like Earl Grey, Blueberry Pistachio, Cranberry Pumpkin Seeds, and Chocolate! Their Soy Granola Bars include Soy Pulp, also known as Okara, which is produced during our favourite soy milk manufacturing process. This allows them to reduce waste and contribute to environmental conservation. Where great taste meets responsible choices!  

13. Boxgreen

Boxgreen snacks for office pantry stocking and corporate gifting

Boxgreen was born out of the desire for snacks that energise without compromising on quality. They achieve this by crafting unique blends with a variety of natural ingredients, providing sweet and savoury options with exciting textures. As a certified B Corp,  they are committed to operating a sustainable business. Their snacks are prepared by team members from the ex-offender and special needs community, truly embodying the elements of Snack Good, Do Good!


Make Singapore's 58th birthday a snacking sensation with our exclusive #SupportLocal Box for your Team! Bursting with delicious treats from our beloved homegrown brands, it's the ultimate way to celebrate. Indulge in a medley of flavours, show your support for local brands, and make this National Day truly unforgettable. Get some of our Pre-curated Snack Box or Build your own Snack Box!


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