Wholesome and healthy snacks for office and gifting boxes

7 wholesome and healthy snack brands that can be found in Singapore

In the bustling world of snacks, a new trend is taking Singapore by storm – the rise of wholesome and healthy snack brands. Step into the world of Singapore's thriving wholesome and healthy snack brands, where flavour meets wellness in every bite. These brands have taken the commitment to healthy living to heart, offering a diverse array of nourishing and delicious options that cater to the discerning tastes of health-conscious consumers. 

1. Amazin' Graze

Healthy snacks from Amazin'graze for office and gift boxes in Singapore

Amazin’ Graze was founded by 3 empowered women who decided to revolutionise the snack industry by creating healthier food alternatives. What started as a humble kitchen experiment has now turned into a thriving business that's taking over supermarket shelves. They have a lot of interesting flavours like Coconut Curry Lime, Pandan Coconut and Miso Seaweed! It's a snacking journey that's not only healthier but also a taste that you won't forget!

2. Boxgreen

Healthy snacks from Boxgreen for office and gift

Boxgreen was founded in response to the need for snacks that not only provide energy but are also free from artificial flavours and colours. They achieve this by crafting unique blends with a wide range of ingredients, offering both sweet and savoury options with a variety of textures to make snacking an exciting experience. As a B Corp Certified company, they are committed to operating a sustainable business. Truly Snack Good, Do Good!

3. Zenko Superfoods

Healthy snacks from Zenko Superfoods for office and gifting

ZENKO Superfoods is a healthy snack company that explores the world for ancient superfoods that transform into gluten-free, plant-based and delicious healthy snacks. They have a direct partnership with local farmers to craft conscious, nutritious, and delightful snacks using these ancient superfoods. One of their standout products is Water Lily Pops, offering a healthier alternative to traditional chips, ensuring a more satisfying snacking experience!

4. With Love, Gretel

Healthy snacks from With Love Gretel for office and corporate gifting

With Love, Gretel is a Singaporean brand with a dedicated mission - to incorporate sprouted nuts into our daily routines, promoting strength and well-being for all. Their goal is to infuse joy and excitement into healthy eating, all while preserving the nutritional integrity of their products. They use only fresh, all-natural ingredients without any artificial flavours, colourings, or additives. The sprouting process of nuts unlocked essential nutrients and minerals while reducing phytic acid content. With Love, Gretel is a great choice for snacking healthy!

5. Hey! Chips

Healthy snacks from Hey! Chips for office and gift box

Craving the crunch of chips but still want your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? Look no further than Hey! Chips, your ultimate snack solution. They craft crispy delights using 100% real fruits and vegetables, with no added sugar, preservatives, or chemicals. As a proud Singaporean snack brand, they've earned 7 awards for their commitment to crafting delicious crisps with clean and transparent ingredients. When you choose Hey! Chips, you're making a trustworthy and tasty choice!

6. Camel

Healthy snacks from Camel Nuts for office and gift box

Camel stands as Singapore's sole prominent nut manufacturing enterprise, serving as the go-to source for fresh, wholesome delicious and healthy snacks. They meticulously curate their product range by sourcing the finest ingredients from reputable global suppliers, offering a memorable selection of nuts celebrated for their unique flavours, exceptional quality, and exquisite taste. Time to fuel your productivity with Camel’s healthy snacks!

7. Everything Good 

Healthy snacks from Everything Good for office and gift box

Everything Good (鼎) is a Singaporean brand dedicated to the art of infusing real super fruits and herbs into their healthy snacks. Their Pastilles, infused with real fruits, are perfect for vegetarians as they contain no gelatin. Additionally, they are a diabetes-friendly choice due to their low sugar content, derived from natural malt. Their Pastilles are definitely a great healthy snack gift for anyone to enjoy!

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